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Milking equipment and services for sheep & goats

Greenoak North America division specialises in the design of milking facilities for goats and sheep for both the hobby and commercial dairy farmers.

Whether you want to milk just a few Goats/Sheep or a few thousand, we at Greenoak have a comprehensive range of equipment and a professional dealer support network to meet your needs. The range of our milking machines for sheep & goats includes:

  • overtake parlours;
  • rapid exit parlours;
  • rotary parlours;
  • trailed parlours;
  • portable milkers.

Sheep milking parlour completeOur Mission as a company is to assist the North American Dairy Goat & Sheep Farmer to achieve the following:

• Assisting in designing a facility to maximise production, labour efficiency and profit for your business.

• Improving the herd genetics using our Parlour Server automation program to provide yield data and herd analysis information.

• Increasing the quality of milk by assisting in the control of mastitis, improving hygiene and parlour washing.

• Developing or sourcing products from around the world to reduce the associated costs of dairy farming, such as fly control, hygiene and associated animal health products.

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For further enquiries, please, call:

Sales Orders Free phone - +1 866 539 3497 
Tel. +1 519 342 1427
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Sheep & goats milking

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